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Writing Here and Elsewhere


  • I gave a talk at the University of Richmond on “Ed-Tech in a Time of Trump” (see transcript above). I also facilitated three separate discussions at the school – with faculty, with staff, and with students – about privacy and information security.
  • I co-lead a conversation at Educon with José Vilson on race and education
  • I joined a Virtually Connection session at Educon with Bill Fitzgerald to discuss our “cryptoparty”

Other Projects

  • I attended an Inquiry Schools board meeting
  • I did an interview with the organizers for OEB MidSummit, where I’m speaking in June
  • I updated my websites and CV to reflect January’s goings-on
  • Dropbox deleted all my files – see story above – so that’s been fun. Not
  • I had the flu


  • Philadelphia PA, Richmond VA, Washington DC
  • Upcoming week: Hermosa Beach CA

Family and Friends

  • Traveling on the east coast has meant seeing a lot of friends. <3

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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