Words have been hard to summon for a while now. One of the things I enjoy about writing this weekly review of my work is it helps me to see that I still do accomplish things, even when I'm feeling remarkably unproductive. This week, there were many words.

Hack Education

Writing Here and Elsewhere



  • Nope


  • Nope

Other Projects

  • I updated the Office of Educational Technology’s Wikipedia page
  • I participated in a Virtually Connecting session / research project
  • I did all my end-of-the-month updates including to my CV
  • End-of-the-month also means time to do all my backups
  • I talked to Eden Dahlstrom, the new executive director of NMC


  • Nope, although I did book flights to the UK and to Iceland
  • Upcoming week: Nope

Reading and Viewing

  • We watched Moonlight, the Academy Awards, Nocturnal Animals, and Season 1 of Chef’s Table
  • I finished reading Universal Harvester

Family and Friends

  • Our friend Tony swung by while he was in LA

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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