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  • Nope


  • Nope

Other Projects

  • I talked to Sarah B at The Hechinger Report about who’s building and how schools are buying ed-tech
  • I voted
  • I talked to Chuck R for an upcoming episode of his and Ryan A’s podcast
  • I started working on a talk I’ll deliver in Edinburgh


  • Nope, although Kin was out-of-town
  • Upcoming week: No travel

Reading and Viewing

  • I read Binti and Binti: Home
  • I watched Captain Fantastic and Moana
  • I watched my friend Tressie on The Daily Show
  • We were supposed to go hear live music last night, but we decided we were old and there was a bit of weird drama that neither of us had the stamina for

"Tweet of the Week"

  • I tweeted a story about my experiences dealing with a medical crisis in a pre-Affordable Care Act world. I’m going to create a separate article with all these tweets – screenshotted. I’m debating nuking my all my tweets. That’s a story for another article too.

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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