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  • I’ve started work on the keynote I’ll deliver in June at the OEB MidSummit. (I’ve jotted down some brief notes on “The History of ‘Personalized Learning’” and “‘Personalization’ versus ‘Individualization’”)
  • I made a video to promote the new e-book Education and Technology: Critical Approaches. (You can view it here)
  • I updated my websites and CV and did the monthly back-ups of my data
  • I have deleted all Facebook and Twitter posts that are older than 90 days
  • I created a Twitter bot that makes predictions about the future of technology: @kurzwheel
  • I chatted with Steve Dembo about a project he’s working on regarding “innovation” and K–12 schools
  • I added some Javascript to my websites that blocks annotation tools (and people lost their fucking minds)


  • I’m reading Henry James’ In the Cage, Marie Hicks’ Programmed Inequality, and Philip Kovacs’ The Gates Foundation and the Future of US “Public” Schools

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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