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  • I made a lot of updates to the Hack Education website: I updated the landing page; I made some tweaks to and (where I feature talks and essays respectively); I added (where I plan to showcase all the timelines I’m building)
  • I made a lot of updates to my GitHub account, creating an organization for Hack Education-related repositories; I created a page that showcases some of my projects:; I’ve started adding codes of conduct and contribution guidelines to my repositories
  • I started work on the “data journalism” part of my “Ed-Tech Networks” project (my Spencer Fellowship work) but creating a bunch of data-driven repositories/websites tracking investors, ALEC members, think tanks, foundations, and companies
  • I had coffee with Hemy Ramiel, and we discussed ed-tech accelerators and ed-tech ideology


  • Nope
  • Upcoming week: Nope


  • I watched Okja and Nobody Speaks (and recommend both – they’re on Netflix)

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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