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Spencer Fellowship Updates

  • First week of classes! I’m taking “Evidence and Inference” (required for all Spencer Fellows, as well as all J-School MA students). And I’m sitting in on “Opinion Writing.” The professor for the latter, Jelani Cobb, couldn’t make it to class, so he sent his friend Ta-Nehisi Coates to substitute. Holy shit! (I did not take notes during class, but I later wrote up some of my thoughts on the advice he gave. Posted above)

Other Projects

  • I offered some commentary for New Internationalist on resistance and the future of AI
  • I updated with the latest pigeon news
  • I talked to Education Week’s Sarah Schwartz about the latest Horizon Report
  • My request for a verified account was rejected again by Twitter
  • I started working on a talk I’ll give next week to Justin Reich’s class at MIT


  • Nope
  • Upcoming week: Cambridge MA

Reading and Viewing

  • I finally watched Wonder Woman
  • Back to school means reading assignments, I guess. I should probably get to work on that…

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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