I am not a “blogger,” although because I write primarily online and run my own publication, that’s how I’m often described. I get it. The ol’ “journalism versus blogging” debate hasn’t really disappeared.

This site, however, is a blog. This is where I post my half-baked ideas. (Hack Education, by contrast, is a publication where I post articles that, I hope, express fully-baked ideas.)

For a while now, I’ve put these short ideas on, which is a Known installation hosted by Reclaim Hosting. I’m trying to consolidate all my sites and all my tools. So I’m abandoning that site (and likely abandoning Reclaim Hosting too). Don’t read anything into that decision. Mostly it’s me wanting to be able to manage my own infrastructure which is something I can do with Jekyll and GitHub pages (which is how I manage all my sites).

I’m going to be moving (most of the) content over from that Known site to this one. For now, will stay active (and the links will work). But after April of next year, the subdomain will disappear.

Nothing lasts on the Web. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…

Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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