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Spencer Fellowship

  • Week 5 of classes
  • Guest author in my book writing class: Lorraine Boissoneault
  • I booked flight/hotel for my Spring Break reporting trip to The Ohio State University (to get into Sidney Pressey’s archives)
  • I spent Friday night and Saturday day at a data journalism talk / workshop


  • I’m not doing any public speaking as a general rule, although I will be speaking at CUNY’s Graduate Center in April. I submitted a title and blurb for my talk this week

Other Projects

  • I went through all my old notes for Teaching Machines and re-organized them. I’m starting to think more seriously about this book again
  • Molly Wood from Marketplace interviewed me about “the tech regrets” industry
  • I was interviewed for Walter Isaacson’s podcast Trailblazers


  • I’m reading Education and the Commercial Mindset
  • I read Surveillance Valley
  • I’m reading Politics, Markets, and America’s Schools

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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