The New York Times’ Adam Baidawi talked to me about a new private school startup in Australia, Luminaria. I had a lot more to say than what appears in print (not surprisingly).

From “Why This Tech Executive Says Her Plan to Disrupt Education Is Different”:

“I was kind of impressed with the number of clichés and buzzwords that they packed into a short amount of marketing copy,” said Audrey Watters, whose blog, Hack Education, analyzes the intersection of education and tech. “In the case of Luminaria, they have everything, they have all the buzzwords: social and emotional learning, mind-sets, grit, S.T.E.M., mindfulness, authentic learning, global consciousness. I mean, pick two of those.”

Bonus points that the NYT actually linked to Hack Education.

Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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