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Spencer Fellowship

  • Week 6 of classes
  • I’ve updated my ed-tech funding databases and my tracking of Gates Foundation grants
  • I added some new data sets to my tracking of “ed-tech’s networks” (and updated existing ones) – “New Data” on
  • An Update on Networks (and on My Spencer Fellowship) on
  • I had to lead the class discussion in my privatization class on the class Chubb and Moe book Politics, Markets, and America’s Schools. I posted my notes online

Other Projects


  • Nope
  • Upcoming week: Columbus, Ohio to visit Sidney Pressey’s archives at The Ohio State University

Reading and Viewing

  • I’m still reading Politics, Markets, and America’s Schools
  • I read Algorithms of Oppression
  • I started reading Policy Patrons
  • I started watching David Chang’s series Ugly Delicious

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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