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  • I know that Kin and I haven’t done a podcast in a while. We’ll get back to it, I am sure. We have both just been super busy (and super frustrated by the state of tech)
  • The Week in Predictions on

Spencer Fellowship

  • Week 9 (?)
  • I spent the week working on my book proposal – a draft is due at midnight tonight, so I have to finish up this blog post and get back to work!

Other Projects

  • I did all my regular end-of-the-month chores: updating my CV, backing up all my GitHub projects, deleting old Tweets and Facebook posts
  • I’ve updated my database of Gates Foundation education grants
  • I talked to MIT student Frankie Schembri for a story about personalized learning


  • I finished reading Rethinking School Choice
  • I’m reading Education and the Commercial Mindset

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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