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  • I made some end-of-the-month updates to my websites
  • The end of the month also means time to back up my GitHub repositories and delete old tweets (the latter will now happen every 30 days)
  • I added new datasets to
  • I updated my list of Gates Foundation education grants
  • I updated my project that tracks all VC funding in education
  • Most of what I did this week, it seemed, was relocate my life: new mailing address; new home address; boxes moved; most of the boxes unpacked; Internet ordered; Internet failed to install; groceries purchased; first meal in new place cooked; and so on


  • Barstow, CA and Hermosa Beach, CA (which is once again “home”)
  • Upcoming week: No-goddamn-where, thank you very much

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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