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Teaching Machines

  • I’ve been working on a timeline for the book – plotting all the major dates (patents, publications, legal contracts, professorships, publicity, etc) so that I can start figuring out how the whole “narrative arc” thing is going to go

Other Writing


  • End-of-the-month tasks included updating my CV and the travel schedule on my website; updating all the data for venture capital and venture philanthropy; and backing up all my projects


  • Nope


  • Rome and home
  • Upcoming week: from HB to Princeton, NJ

Reading and Viewing

  • I read The Consuming Fire, and I thumbed through Cybernetics. I’m back to working my way through Programs, Teachers, and Machines
  • I finished listening to Grocery
  • I watched two episodes of Hasan Minhaj’s new Netflix show, Patriot Act

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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