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Teaching Machines

  • I am very excited with the prospect of having a research assistant, thanks to the help of Amy Collier, who’s put me in touch with Middlebury graduate student Noraya Razzaque, who’ll help me get stuff out of the ol’ brick-and-mortar research library
  • Thanks to leaving social media, I was wildly productive this week – embarrassingly so. (I have wasted so much time!!) I made a huge breakthrough in my research this week, uncovering a connection between political movements and teaching machines that I didn’t know existed. This gives me a new character for the book too. I read a ton this week – articles and books – looking primarily at cybernetics, “the cult of information” (Roszak), and the Sixties (Roszak again) and wondering why it is that ed-tech is so intellectually vacuous considering its rich intellectual history. (I’m pretty sure I know the answer…)

Other Writing


  • I deleted all my Twitter bots. It’s just no fun any more
  • I talked to Georgia Perry about the Spencer Fellowship and Matt Morris about social media

Reading and Listening

  • I read The Cult of Information, City of Saints and Thieves, The American High School Today, Cybernetic Principles of Learning and Educational Design, and The Making of a Counter Culture; and I started reading The Cybernetics Moment
  • I’m still listening to Fear Itself

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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