Big changes are coming. Big changes are here. Readers of API Evangelist might have noticed that Kin announced he’s stepping back from that role. He’s taken a full-time job, which started this week. That means we are moving to Seattle (we are up here now, obviously). This week I found us an apartment, although we won’t move in until Kin’s first paycheck clears the bank. Then we’ll head back down to Hermosa Beach in another week or so to actually move our stuff north. Not the best thing to have happen while one is trying to write a book; but it’s hardly the worst.

Teaching Machines

This was the least productive week I’ve had so far since the beginning of the year in terms of the number of words written. Words this week: 8025. Total so far: 60,256. In addition to the move unsettling my writing rhythm, I’ve decided to alter it further by actually taking weekends off. I might write a little, but I am easing off on the phrenetic pace – right now – and the expectation that I spend every day churning out sentences.

Other Writing


I talked to Anne Mishkind about her (potential dissertation) work on education policy.


This past week: HB to Seattle. The upcoming week: Seattle.

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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