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I am making more progress on the book draft. The exciting update this week, I suppose, is that I received a copy of (some of) B. F. Skinner’s FBI file. He talks about this in his autobiography – the fact that the FBI could not account for his whereabouts for a year-and-a-half after he graduated college. Suspicious! The file also contained materials relating to correspondence he received from “Red China.” It doesn’t contain anything that is new or startling – but I will try to find a way to talk about the ways in which the “Red Scare” shaped ed-tech in the post-war era.

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The apartment is almost entirely “set up.” I received an IKEA delivery on Friday and spent all that day assembling bookshelves and the like. I tried to put together the sofa bed for the office yesterday, but I needed Kin here to help. He was in Hermosa Beach, finishing up emptying our apartment there. The transition is almost complete, and we’re so close to closing the SoCal chapter of our lives – for now at least.


This past week: Nope. Upcoming week: Nope.


I watched Finding Neverland, which pretty much ruined my week.

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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