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Hack Education


I made a bunch of updates to my various websites and GitHub projects this week, primarily to delete my call to “support Hack Education.” I don’t feel like I’m doing enough public-facing work right now to warrant soliciting funds from folks. I have also put my Patreon account on “pause.”

I submitted a proposal for an Object Lessons piece of writing.

I went to the eye doctor. I put this under “work” here because I can’t see without contacts or glasses, and I can’t work without being able to see. A new city means a new eye doctor, and I hit it off with this one. We had a great talk about how policy shapes technology, among other things, so the visit was quite helpful for my thinking through the upcoming edits to my book (and not just so I will be able to see to do them).


I recorded a podcast episode with Terry Greene.

Reading and Viewing

I finished reading Circe. Now I’m reading Stephen King’s On Writing.


Kin’s daughter has moved in with us for the summer.

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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