Teaching Machines

I talked to a friend this week who I've let read the draft. We had a good discussion about what I need to do to strengthen what he identified as the voice of "Folklorist Audrey" in the book.

Other Writing

HEWN, No. 331 via


I've finished my talk and my slides for OEB next week. I've been having some trouble with some of the apps I use syncing between my MacBook and my iPad -- I use the latter for my notes when I give a talk. It's annoying, and I have to resolve things before I stand up on stand next week.


This past week: home. Upcoming week: Berlin.


I had the impeachment hearings on in the background. I watched the debates -- ugh. We're watching The Mandalorian and His Dark Materials and The Watchmen -- good TV right now, for sure.

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Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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