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I write. I've always written.

These days, I write primarily about education technologies on my site Hack Education. I'm also the editor and lead writer for a new site, Educating Modern Learners. My work has also appeared in The Atlantic, O'Reilly Radar, KQED's MindShift, Inside Higher Ed, School Library Journal, ReadWriteWeb, Campus Technology, The Huffington Post, Edutopia, and elsewhere across the Web. I've been a blogger on-and-off for the past ten years, blending the personal, the political, and the professional as I've written about school, learning, life, and death. Before that, I wrote academic essays -- some published, some not. (Few read.) Before that, poetry.

I'm the author of The Monsters of Education Technology, a collection of my lectures. I'm working on a book, Teaching Machines, that's due out in 2015.


Freelance writing isn't terribly lucrative. Go figure. So to pay the bills, I speak. My last five engagements have been at the University of Mary Washington, OpenCon, Digital Labor 2014, New York University, and Pepperdine University. (My upcoming travel/speaking schedule is posted to the right.)


I left the classroom circa 2007. I miss teaching. The closest thing I've done lately is work on an Ed-Tech Guide, and I keep threatening to turn this into a "course" and not just "course content." I've facilitated workshops for THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy and P2PU on writing and publishing online, outside academia. So maybe... maybe... you can say I still teach writing.

As a graduate student at the University of Oregon, I taught classes in Folklore, Composition, English, Women's Studies, and Comparative Literature. Below are syllabi for a few of the courses I designed and taught, with links to PDFs and to GitHub repositories which you are free, of course, to download or fork.

  • Feminist Science Fiction:  Monsters, Cyborgs, and Women (GithubPDF)
  • Introduction to Comparative Literature:  Visual Cultures (GithubPDF)
  • Clowns and Tricksters (GithubPDF)
  • World Science Fiction (GithubPDF)
  • World of Film:  Gangsters in Popular Culture (GithubPDF)

updated November 2014