Audrey Watters

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twitter: @audreywatters

Professional Experience

Writer/Owner, Hack Education, Spring 2010 - present

Freelance Writer, Spring 2010 - present

Lead Writer, Educating Modern Learners, Spring 2015

Editor and Lead Writer, Educating Modern Learners, 2014

Special Interest Group Program Manager, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Spring 2008 - Spring 2010

Graduate Teaching Fellowship, University of Oregon, Fall 1999 - Fall 2000, Fall 2001 - Summer 2007

Practicum Coordinator, University of Oregon Literacy Initiative, Winter - Spring 2001

Conference Assistant, Center for the Study of Women in Society, University of Oregon, Winter 2000 - Winter 2001

Graduate Assistant, Archivist, Randall V. Mills Folklore Archives, University of Oregon, Winter - Spring 2000

Conference Coordinator, Conference Services, University of Oregon, 1997-1999


ABD, Comparative Literature, University of Oregon, 2001-2007

MA, Folklore
, University of Oregon, 2000

BS, Social Sciences, University of Wyoming, 1996

The Johns Hopkins University, 1990-1992

IB, St. Clares, 1990


Watters, Audrey. The Curse of the Monsters of Education Technology. Tech Gypsies Publishing, 2016

---. The Revenge of the Monsters of Education Technology. Tech Gypsies Publishing, 2015

---. Claim Your Domain -- And Own Your Online Presence. Solution Tree, 2015

---. The Monsters of Education Technology. Tech Gypsies Publishing, 2014

Other Publications

Watters, Audrey. "Rationalizing Those 'Irrational' Fears of inBloom." Points, February 2017

---. "The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Issue a Press Release." Boundary2, November 2016

---. "Calling Education to A Count." Enabling Connected Learning, September 2016

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Watters, Audrey with Jon Becker, editors. Hack(ing) School(ing), Summer 2012

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Keynotes and Conference Presentations

Watters, Audrey and Jose Vilson. "The Privileged Voices in Education." Educon, January 29, 2017, January 31, 2016, and January 26, 2014

Watters, Audrey with Bill Fitzgerald. "EduCon Cryptoparty." Educon, January 28, 2017

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---. "Re·Con·Figures: The Pigeons of Ed-tech." Designs on eLearning, September 22, 2016

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Panel Presentations

Watters, Audrey with Will Richardson, Maurice de Hond, and Michael Shaw. "The Great Disruption Debate." BETT, January 21, 2016

Watters, Audrey with Leah Bannon, Mark Boyd, and Lorinda Brannon. "Diversity." API Strategy & Practice, November 19, 2015

Watters, Audrey with Gary Stager, Will Richardson, Martin Levins, David Thornburg, and Wayne D'Orio. "Is It Time to Give Up on Computers in Schools?" ISTE 2015, June 29, 2015

Watters, Audrey with Karen Gregory, Daniel Joseph, Matthew Tiessen, Austin Walker, and Dan Greene. "Digital Labor and Geographies of Crisis." Digital Labor 2014. November 15, 2014

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Watters, Audrey, Education and APIs, API Business and Strategy Conference, February 22, 2013

---. 2013 Horizon Report, ELI Annual Meeting, February 4, 2013

---. Beyond the Textbook, New York University, November 30, 2012

Watters, Audrey, with Philipp Schmidt. "OER from the Edge: MOOC Shop." Innovate/Activate. University of California, Berkeley, April 21, 2012

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Watters, Audrey. Freedom and Focus: Engaging Students with Innovative Units. Composition and Community Fall Composition Conference, University of Oregon, September 25, 2002

---. Theory and Practice panel. Ecological Conversations Colloquium. University of Oregon, May 6, 2002

Guest Lectures and Invited Talks

Watters, Audrey. "Ed-Tech in a Time of Trump." University of Richmond, February 2, 2017

---. "The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Issue a Press Release." Virginia Commonwealth University, November 2, 2016

Watters, Audrey. "Attending to the Digital." The Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, October 21, 2016

Watters, Audrey and Kin Lane. "Existing Digitally." Emerson College, September 10, 2015

Watters, Audrey. "Ed-Tech's Inequalities." Western Oregon University, April 8, 2015

---. "Men (Still) Explain Technology to Me: Gender and Education Technology." Leeds Beckett University, March 11, 2015

---. "Men Explain Technology to Me: On Gender, Ed-Tech, and the Refusal to Be Silent." University of Mary Washington. University of Regina. November 18, 2014

---. "Convivial Tools in an Age of Surveillance." New York University. November 13, 2014

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---. Folklore and Religion. English 250 Introduction to Folklore. University of Oregon. November 11, 1999


Watters, Audrey, with Bryan Alexander. Future Trends Forum, February 11, 2016

Watters, Audrey, with Alan Levine. "Ed-Tech and Equity," Connected Learning TV, May 15, 2015

Watters, Audrey, with Bryan Alexander. "Developments in Higher Education Educational Technology: The Horizon Report in Action." EDUCAUSE Live!, March 24, 2015

Watters, Audrey, with Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill. "Year in Review and Year Ahead," ELI Webinar, December 8, 2014

Watters, Audrey, with Justin Reich, Vanessa Gennarelli, and Andrew Sliwinski. "Better Learning Analytics: Lessons from EdX, Hack Education, Mozilla + P2PU," P2PU webinar, August 19, 2014

Watters, Audrey, with Jonathan Worth, Jade Davis, Howard Rheingold, Martha Burtis, and Anne Balsamo. "Higher Education as a Trusted Environment for Learning," HASTAC webinar, July 29, 2014

Watters, Audrey with Drew Davidson. "Reaching Our Audiences: Strategies for Disseminating Research, Design, and Practice," Working Examples, April 15, 2014

Watters, Audrey. "The State of Global OER," AMICAL webinar, November 25, 2013

---. "Who Owns Your Education Data? (And Why Does It Matter?)" ETMOOC, February 26, 2013


Watters, Audrey. "Re-Imagining an Internet that Doesn't Track Us." The Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, October 21, 2016

---. "The History of Education Technology: Hype and Hope." ICDE 2015, October 13, 2015

---. "GitHub 101." Digital Pedagogy Lab Summer Institute, August 11, 2015

---. "Publishing Outside the Academy." THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy. October 21, 2012

Podcasts and Media Appearances

with Kin Lane. The Contrafabulists Podcast, April 2016 - present

Guest appearances on the Future Trends Forum, 2016 - present

Guest appearances on Virtually Connecting, 2016 - present

Guest appearance on Flash Forward, June 2016

Guest appearance on Re:Learning, May 2016

Guest appearance on Cited, February 2016

Guest appearance on, June 2015

Guest appearance on Ed-Tech Concerns, November - December 2014

with Steve Hargadon. Hack Education Weekly Podcast, 2011 - 2013

Guest appearance on EPT

Guest appearance on Teaching in Higher Ed

Guest appearance on Writing, Education, Technology

Guest appearance on Edukwest

Guest appearances on Higher Ed Live

Guest appearances on The Digital Campus

Guest appearance on To the Point

Academic Conference Papers

Vanderford, Audrey. Spoiling Survivor. Western States Folklore Society Meeting. Eugene, OR. April 15-16, 2005

---. Detournement and the Anarchist Practice of Defamiliarization. (in absentia) MMLA conference. St. Louis, MO. November 4-7, 2004

---. Who Wants to Marry a Construction Worker? Class, Gender, and Joe Millionaire. Popular Culture Association conference. San Antonio, TX. April 7-11, 2004

---. Political Pranks: Performing Anarchist Humor. Culture and the State. University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. May 2-5, 2003

---. Cant See the Forest for Her Tree: Celebrity, Activism, and the Legacy of Julia Butterfly Hill, Taking Nature Seriously: Citizens, Science, and Environment. University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, February 25-27, 2001; Looking Forward, Looking Back, Lewis & Clark Gender Studies Symposium. Portland, OR, March 14-16, 2001

---. Whose Streets? Our Streets! Whose World? Our World! -- Narratives and Negotiation after the WTO, California Folklore Society Meeting. Berkeley, CA, April 14-15, 2000

---. Pioneers and Pagans: Celebrating the Summer Solstice in Casper, Wyoming, American Folklore Society Meeting. Memphis, TN, October 20-24, 1999

Courses Taught

"Action" track, Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute, Summer 2016

Writing for the Web, P2PU, Spring 2012

Comparative Literature 399 Gender and Identity in Literature, University of Oregon, Summer 2007

Comparative Literature 103 Introduction to Comparative Literature: Visual Culture, University of Oregon, Spring 2007

Comparative Literature 204 World of Fiction: Clowns and Tricksters, University of Oregon, Winter 2007, Winter 2005

Comparative Literature 399 World of Film: Gangsters in Popular Culture, University of Oregon, Fall 2006, Fall 2005, Summer 2005

Comparative Literature 204 World of Fiction: Sixties Counterculture(s), University of Oregon, Summer 2006, Winter 2006

Comparative Literature 204 World of Fiction: World Science Fiction, University of Oregon, Spring 2006, Summer 2004

Comparative Literature 202 World of Drama: Manifesto as Political Theater, University of Oregon, Spring 2005

Writing 122 College Composition II, University of Oregon, Fall 2003, Fall 2002, Winter 2002, Spring 2002

Women and Gender Studies 399 Feminist Science Fiction: Monsters, Cyborgs, and Women, University of Oregon, Summer 2003

Writing 121 College Composition I, University of Oregon, Fall 2001

Womens Studies 408 Anarcha-feminism, University of Oregon, Summer 2001

Teaching Assistantships

Comparative Literature 101 Literature, Language, Culture, (Prof. Leah Middlebrook), University of Oregon, Fall 2004

English 266 History of the Motion Picture: World War II to the Present, (Prof. Michael Aronson, Prof. Kathleen Karlyn), University of Oregon, Spring 2004, Spring 2003

English 265 History of the Motion Picture: The Silent Era to World War II, (Prof. Michael Aronson, Prof. Lesli Larson), University of Oregon, Winter 2004, Winter 2003

English 250 Introduction to Folklore, (Prof. Sharon Sherman), University of Oregon, Fall 1999

Awards and Other Activities

Visiting Scholar, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Spring 2016

"Tech Innovators 2015," The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2015

Recipient, Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant, 2014

Board Member, Inquiry Schools, Summer 2014 - present

Conference Committee, DML 2015

Advisor, Working Examples, 2013-2014

Advisory Board, SXSWedu, 2012-2014

Judge, Canvas Innovation Grant, Spring 2014

Fellow, Educause Learning Initiative, Winter 2013 - Winter 2014

Judge, Reclaim Open, Summer 2013

Judge, LTI App Bounty, Spring 2013

Reviewer, Learning Design and Technology Expo, Stanford University, Summer 2012

Co-chair, Education strand at OSCON, 2012

Media Predicts 2012, Silicon Valley, 2011

Beall Dissertation Prospectus Award, Comparative Literature Program, University of Oregon, 2005

General University Scholarship, University of Oregon, 2003-2006

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