Justin Reich has reviewed Teaching Machines in the History of Education Quarterly (and said some very nice things about me and about the book):

Teaching Machines arrives in a world where the pandemic has made education 148 technology seem simultaneously more essential and more fallible. Distance learning, 149 as millions of families have learned, can be pretty lousy, but it is probably better than 150 no learning at all. The COVID-19 pandemic may prove a test run for a world wracked 151 by a climate emergency. Schools will close ever more frequently in the face of fires, 152 floods, freezes, and new pandemics and disease events. As the need for more comput- 153 ers, more broadband, more apps, and more connectivity in schools feels inevitable, 154 Watters reminds that there are always choices and alternatives. If we recoil at realizing 155 the deep connections between the edtech of today and discredited views of freedom 156 and autonomy from the past, then we have the responsibility to chart new directions..

Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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