Our new RV is very, very good. We took it for a test-run this weekend, picking it up from our storage spot on Thursday afternoon, driving to Monterey, and returning yesterday midday. We managed to do it all, not with grace just yet — that'll come, right? — but everything worked out just fine (eventually).

I'm so excited for more of these outings. California is a huge state, and there's so much to explore here. I've traveled the world, and I'm happy for the next decade (or so) to stay stateside. Can't bring Poppy on a plane, after all.

Poppy was very, very good on the trip. She stayed in our campsite. She didn't bark at dogs or people that walked by. She was great on the hikes too — some on the beach and some on the California Coastal Trail, which Kin and I plan to explore top to bottom. (You know what's good and totally worth the money: a dog trainer. Not watching online videos that tell you how to get your dog to do what you want. An in-person trainer who understands your dog's personality. In the Bay Area? I recommend Eleanor Post.)

Speaking of Poppy, I commissioned some "bad art" as part of the Oakland Animal Services' annual fundraiser. It's so bad, it's good, right?

I was nervous about cooking in the RV — so many constraints! But I managed to pull off some decent meals. One of my favorite things I ate this weekend were the sweet potato breakfast cookies (from Run Fast Eat Slow, I think). But the best was something I didn’t cook: the ice cream at Revival Ice Cream in Monterey. Kin had a waffle cone with their famous “bees knees” ice cream, and I went for the olive oil flavor. Arguably the best ice cream I’ve ever had.

The restaurant was recommended by my PT, who has given me the okay to run (along with some exercises to strengthen my Achilles/calves/ankles). I’m taking it slowly, cutting back my mileage until I’m healed. But damn, things already feel better — well, except the part that I seem to lose my fitness rather quickly at my age. (The 4 miles on Sunday was tough, having not really run since the previous Sunday.) PT is good.

Also surprisingly good: the new Predator movie, Prey. You can watch it on Hulu.

Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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