Yesterday, Kin and I planned to visit the Camron-Stanford House for the final day of its home automation exhibit. I'd tried to buy tickets online, but I couldn't get the website to work. And when we showed up at the museum, it was closed. I'm not sure if no one opened it because no one bought tickets, or what. I was a little disappointed, as I've been meaning to visit the house for months now — we walk by it every morning on our walk around Lake Merritt. And the home automation exhibit pertains to a lot of what I've been thinking about lately — perhaps grist for the next book mill. (I was going to write about the history of the baby monitor, but I'm not sure if that's my focus. I'm still keen to write about the automation of caretaking, particularly as it relates to bodies and grief.)

This weekend was my first stint volunteering for RBO — Running for a Better Oakland. It was a ton of fun — running with a large group of local kids (I ran with the 6-12 graders, but the program works with kindergarteners up.) We did relay races, and I can't tell you how many decades it's been since someone thrust baton into my hands. We ran 2.5 miles. We did some hill repeats. We did some stretching. I got a volunteer t-shirt.

I also got a t-shirt for my Friday run group: the Lake Merritt Donut Runners.

So much running. It's so good.

One thing all this running has made me realize is that I might actually have wide feet — something I guess I've been in denial about (or, alternately, my feet have spread as I've aged). So I just bought some new running shoes in a wide. We'll see if it makes my little toe feel better. It's been feeling a bit scrunched lately.

All the running also makes me hungry as hell. Among the good things we ate this week: the Japanese fried chicken at Aburaya. It had been a year to the date since we'd gotten takeout from here (which I realized when the restaurant texted to say my order was ready, and the previous text was in 2021). I had dental work on Wednesday, and I made myself some savory miso oatmeal (with poached eggs) for dinner, using the Shared Cultures yellow split pea miso.

It feels like there should be more to write about... I mean, it was a good week, right?

Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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