Typically, I write my weekly reflection on a Monday, but we were traveling yesterday, so I'm writing it today. And typically, I keep a running list of "what's good," so that I don't have to sit and stew and think back over the past week. I know "what's good" because I wrote it down when it was good, when it happened.

But my list is short this week, and it's not because the past week (and a day) wasn't good: We just got back from a fabulous long weekend in the RV — trip number 3 — up into the Sierras. It was beautiful and quiet; the RV park had a swimming hole (it was far too cold to swim, but that didn't stop Kin from getting in the water and trying to lure Poppy in too); I managed to do a couple of runs — including one over 6 miles — even at the 5000+' elevation; we grilled hamburgers, we grilled pizza, and I made pancakes; I made Rice Krispie treats — with ancho chili miso, even — to take on the road.

See? There's lots of good. But there's something about getting back from vacation and looking at all the chores and tasks that have piled up in your short time away that makes everything feel rather daunting and makes the week ahead feel like it's going to be a tough one. Plus, Angela Lansbury died, and she was up there among my favorites. Bedknobs and Broomsticks is one of my favorite movies — it's certainly the best WWII movie ever made don't give me that Saving Private Ryan bullshit.

Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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