This past week was pretty good and pretty awful, but let's stick to the former for the purposes of writing publicly on the Internet, eh? This past week was helpful, I'll say, in my finding some clarity and direction around "what's next" for me professionally. I mean, I've finished the personal fitness trainer coursework (haha) and I took the practice quiz and without studying at all managed to get a passing grade (hahaha). That's not the plan for "what's next," but it's related to the next writing project, which I've started working on (yay) and feel pretty good about (yay yay yay).

A new writing project means, of course, lots of new research, so I've restarted my old process of gathering links throughout the week of things both directly and contextually related to the topic. Here's what I bookmarked this week:

I had breakfast with my lifting coach this past week, which was amazing because she's amazing — coach, friend, mentor, etc. We ate breakfast burritos and tried to analyze what exactly went into this particular version — it had a green chili sauce that wasn't too cheesy and potatoes that were seasoned well and a tortilla that could withstand — yeah, I'll say it — reheating in the microwave. She also went through all the exercises that my physical therapist has given me and revamped my lifting routine to focus on single leg work after my four main lifts (squat and bench on Tuesdays and deadlift and overhead press on Thursday).

In other breakfast news, I had donuts from Happy Donuts twice this week: a strawberry fritter on Friday with the donut run crew and again on Sunday after the half-marathon training run. I ran with a faster group, which was fine physically and great socially. It's a race week, so tune in next Monday for results of my first 10K. Goal is to run it under an hour.

Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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