There's a lot to report:

  • I joined gym on Monday. It's definitely no Bay Strength, and I'm going to have to get used to barbell math in kilograms, I reckon, but I'm back to lifting. I'm going to swim twice a week too as the gym has a pool. Needless to say, I had terrible DOMs after Tuesday's squats.
  • Kin survived his first week at work, and while he's kept his departure from Postman pretty low key, LinkedIn sort of let the cat out of the social media bag by promoting his job update to all his contacts.
  • My runs are sucking so very bad. I am terribly discouraged, and I'm worried about all the races I signed up for. (I was already worried about racing with thousands of people and now I'm worried too about the heat and humidity.) Tuesday was my shortest Tuesday run all year; on Thursday, I ran on a treadmill; Saturday, I got up early and it was pretty pleasant (the picture at the top is of Little Island), but when I got up early on Sunday, the air was too thick and it was already almost 80°, so I did my long run — over 8 miles — on the treadmill. Brutal.
  • Poppy is adapting, I guess, but she's started barking when left home alone. It's a new behavior, and it sucks (although I'm not sure other apartments can hear her, I feel bad nonetheless).
  • IKEA delivered twice on Saturday — a clusterfuck since apparently I signed up for curb side delivery, which meant that they literally left the giant boxes with a to-be-assembled sofa on the curb. But — thanks functional strength training! — we got everything upstairs and assembled. Yesterday, I spent much of the day hanging artwork. Kitchen still needs to be reorganized as does the closet in the spare bedroom. And while I'll eventually get a day-bed for that room, it won't be until a guest comes. I can only handle so many interactions with IKEA, ya know?
  • I'm taking Greg Lehman's Running Resiliency course, and it's super interesting — I'll write up more on Second Breakfast.
  • I signed up for my first triathlon with my SIL — it's not until next summer, but as I haven't ridden a bike in about 30 years, I have time to get up-to-speed.
  • I have been marking items off the Moving to NYC Task List, including exchanging my CA for a NY driver’s license and getting my library card.
  • Dining: We ate donuts at Dough — they weren't great. We ate empanadas at Empanada Mama — they were amazing. We ordered bagels again from Ess-A-Bagel — the third best bagels. (Number 1: Absolute Bagel up on 105th-ish and 2: Boichik in Berkeley.)

Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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