The past week has been another whirlwind — perhaps that's just life in NYC, I don't know.

The dog: I took Poppy to doggie daycare on Monday, but got a call half an hour later that she wasn't having any of it. I'm not surprised: there were about 20 other dogs there, and it was boisterous as hell. The daycare said we need to socialize her more before taking her there; I reckon I need to find a place that has only a couple of other dogs. It's not like she needs to go to daycare regularly — I just want options if I need to be out of the apartment for a long time. She does seem to be settling down a bit. We took her to Central Park for the first time on Saturday, and she was good. (She's very good overall.) She doesn't lose her shit with the horses any more, so win-win.

A bike: I rode a Peloton for the first time last week — there are bikes in our apartment building gym, as well as in the gym I joined. Meh. It's just as dull as running on the treadmill. Much more exciting was my first adventure on the Citibike, which I rode to and from the gym on Friday. It was the first time I've ridden a bike in over 20 years.

The gym: I had a meeting with a personal trainer on Wednesday — a complimentary session for joining the gym. I didn't want any goddamn weightless advice or whatever bullshit typically gets peddled. I wanted to talk to someone about triathlon training (there's a team at the gym). But the guy showed up 15 minutes late, and I wasn't really in the mood to swim or bike or run. So waste of time — except for the part where he said that if I was feeling like trash during and after my runs, it was probably dehydration and I should make sure to consume electrolytes. Duly noted.

The weights: I'm still mourning leaving Bay Strength, but damn, I feel so much better being back to lifting, even if there's no 15 pound bar for the overhead press and no micro-plates to advance my press and my bench. I'm testing out "the Lyss Method" for this training block — Alyssa Olenick is a "fitness influencer" PhD and as she has a training program that's geared towards hybrid athletes like me — running and lifting — I thought I'd give it a go. Week 1 was testing my 10 rep max so I hate it already.

The runs: Half the runs for the week were on the treadmill, which was vastly improved by watching the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie. On Saturday, the weather was lovely — much lower temperature, humidity, dew point (which I'm learning is key) — and I ran along the Hudson. On Sunday, it was warmer and more humid, and I ran the Central Park loop again — 9 miles total — and, thanks to electrolytes in my hydration backpack in part, it didn't suck. I've signed up for another race this fall — a 10K since the one I'm doing in August is going to be terrible and hopefully by November it'll be cooler and I'll be fast again.

The food: — I am cooking less as Kin isn't taking leftovers to work for lunch. (Bloomberg has a lot of snacks, I guess.) I'm so tempted to eat out a ton. Eating out this week included a loaf of bread from nearby Amy's Bread: semolina with golden raisins and fennel. Bomboloni from Angelina's Bakery for Fried Dough Friday. Bagel delivery from Ess-a-Bagel (again). Georgian food from Cheeseboat — holy crap this was amazing. Desserts afterwards from Oasis Cafe. Made the mistake of telling Kin to go in and pick something out (we had Poppy with us) — and he came out with three cream-filled things, which I don't really like. But he said they were amazing.

The apartment: — We finally had a weekend that didn't involve unboxing and assembling and hanging and sorting. That said, I need to do some of the latter today. I'm actually sitting at the desk in the office this morning — a room that is so far just storage for the shit I haven't dealt with. We've been here two and a bit weeks, so I guess that's okay.

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