No really. There's something about being in New York that has absolutely cranked up our activity levels. Or maybe it's not New York. Maybe Kin and I are just making a concerted effort to make the most of, well, life.

Life, this past week, looked a little like this:

Training: I did yoga on Mondays, and because I'm feeling very stiff, I told myself that I should start doing it after each run too. I managed to do that almost every run. I was back to running four days a week, with a long run on Sunday — my first group run since leaving Oakland. I ran the "last ten miles" (of the NYC marathon course) with the NY Flyers. I'm not sure I'll join the club — in many ways, it was perfect: lots of middle age runners. But I'd like to run with a few others first (particularly the Old Man's Run Club, which just has a great name). I also signed up for the NYRR Group Training — a six week speed program in November/December. I also lifted and swam and cycled. The former went well, despite hearing a loud "crack" while squatting my top weight on Tuesday. Thankfully, it wasn't an injury, but it scared the hell out of me (and gave me the "yips" for the rest of my lifts that day). Cycling, on the other hand, was ridiculously annoying, not only because it was just pouring rain, but because the Citibikes are just not in good shape.

Walking: Kin worked from home on Friday, which meant we did our morning walk in the park. Poppy loves that. She had a walk on Saturday too — despite the rain. Funny how hunting squirrels makes her ignore her loathing for getting wet. She walked with Kin in the park on Sunday too, waiting for me to return from my long run.

Sightseeing: On Friday, we took her to the Museum of the Dog, which has a couple of "Furry Fridays" every month, where they open things up for dogs. It was really fun, and we will go back regularly. She was on her best behavior, in no small part because they have some (apparently) delicious dog treats there. (Also delicious: getting tacos at Los Tacos No. 1 before going to the museum. I think these are the best tacos I've ever had, and I can't believe I'm saying this about New York tacos.)

Sunday's neighborhood meander for Kin and I involved the Upper West Side. Although we were based there the last time we lived in the city, we didn't really wander around as much. We walked up to the Westsider Record store (where Kin spent some money), and The Strand bookstore (more money), and then had brunch at Jacob's Pickles. (Amazing.) And we bought a couple of cookies at Levain Bakery (also amazing) on the way home.

Reading: I finished reading Older, Faster, Stronger and You (Only Faster) — notice a theme? We're almost done with Blood in the Machine, and on Kaia's recommendation, I've started Vagina Obscura.

Cooking: I made black bean and corn tamale pie (another Julia Turshen recipe); three-cup chicken with brown rice (from the NYT Cooking site); granola scones (from Mother Grains cookbook — a recipe for Second Breakfast in a few weeks); and meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Over on Second Breakfast, I wrote about savory granola; the history of cereal / Magic Spoon review; and my Friday "what's good" news review.

Other odds and ends: I got a haircut. I think I successfully ordered new contacts. After several weeks of trying, I believe I have successfully got us car insurance. Now we can finish getting the car and RV registered here in New York — just in the nick of time as the California plates expire at the end of the month. Kin got his COVID booster and flu shot on Friday afternoon — he felt pretty lousy on Saturday and slept all day — after getting bagels, of course.

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