Working: I recorded the next podcast episode with Lee. I still have to go through the transcript and prepare it for publication; it'll go up next week. I published the usual recipe, essay, and weekly news roundup. I'm going to take some time off over the holidays, I think, and I'm going to probably change my publishing schedule a little in the new year. I'm churning out a lot of content, but I'm not sure that the frenetic pace on my end is matched by avid reading. I hate being beholden to "the metrics" but I do need to figure out somewhat what folks are interested in reading..

Training: Yoga — one long session on Monday and tried to do a short stretching session after every run. Biking — I'm gradually extending my long bike rides (got up to 40 minutes), and already thinking that wow, I need a pair of those padded cycling pants. Also biked to and from the gym. Running — Tuesday's run was 8+ miles in Central Park. Thursday run was 5 miles in shorts and a t-shirt, and goddamn it was too chilly for shorts and a t-shirt. I mean, the temperature was 50, so technically not. But it was overcast and that winter sun is weak. Saturday’s run was 5 miles — perfect weather (but I overdressed after Thursday.) Sunday's long run was 10 miles — the big Central Park loop with the additional 1.6 miles around the Onassis Reservoir. Perfect weather, even though it was cool. Lifting — didn’t go up in weights on my main lifts on Wednesday (although I did go up with the Bulgarian Split Squats and Reverse Lunges, but that’s just dumbbells); I progressed on my deadlifts on Friday, and I am super thrilled with that. Swimming — hey, I might have gotten a little faster! I'm doing some reading of different theories of training, and as such I've been thinking about redoing my programming. But I go back and forth: more lifting? more running? I don't know. I think I get invested in thinking about training because it seems more controllable than other things in my life that still feel so precarious.

Reading/Listening/Watching: Podcast episodes: Burnt Toast Podcast, Coach Bennett's Podcast, Rethinking Wellness, Cult of Perfect, Barbell Medicine Podcast, Hidden Brain, Nobody Asked Us. (This seems like a lot, but I do bail out of a lot of these after about 10 or 15 minutes.) Books: Poverty by America (audiobook), The Race to Be Myself (finished), Hanson’s Marathon Method (started). Broadway: Spamalot — pretty enjoyable for being pretty bad, you know?

Cooking: Carrot and cashew korma with brown rice and store-bought naan; gnocchi and pesto (from a package); caramelized Vietnamese pork bowls except with turkey and udon and cabbage so not really what the original recipe said at all; crispy chicken and potatoes with green goddess sauce; sausages with brussels sprouts, potatoes and honey mustard

Eating Out: I picked up another loaf of sourdough from Breads Bakery, as well as their famous chocolate babka. It totally lives up to the hype. Kin got the usual Absolute Bagels — well, not the usual. I ordered a cinnamon raisin bagel with cinnamon raisin walnut cream cheese. We got dessert at Little Pie Company — I had my first key lime pie! We were in the LES on Sunday and went into Supermoon Bakehouse — Kin had this exquisite banana pudding danish and I had the ube eclair. Then we went down the street into Economy Candy and spent far too much money on shitty sweets. We ate at Veselka — the first time I've had Ukranian food. It was delicious, and the veal goulash that Kin ordered was nothing like any goulash I've ever had before.

Voting: We did not vote because we fucked up and should have done early voting. We went out to vote Tuesday evening but went to the wrong location — the early voting location. Oops. We're so accustomed to mailing in our ballots.

Doctor: This was an annual check-up, mostly to establish a relationship with a physician here and get referrals for an Obgyn (for my fibroids) and for a mammogram. I also had bloodwork done, and lo and behold, like many female endurance runners, I am anemic. Follow-up visit to deal with that has been scheduled.

Friends: I had coffee with Catherine at the Daily Provisions on the UWS, and it was soooo good to see her. I love being in NYC and having friends pass through!

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Audrey Watters


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