This week was a tough one, as the recovery from my collision is taking much longer than I’d like. I dialed my training way, way back -- which is frustrating as hell as things were going so well. I skipped my speed work on Tuesday. I skipped the gym on Wednesday. I went to a PT on Thursday, hoping that the placebo effect would miraculously cure me. I do think I’m on the mend, but it’s more to do with the icing and NSAIDs, I reckon.

A big snow storm on Tuesday -- the biggest one the city has seen in quite some time -- had me running on the treadmill this week too. I think I could have run outside by Saturday or Sunday (although there was more snow on Saturday morning), but frankly I felt safer on the treadmill. More in control. No falling down. No being pushed.

Things I cooked: skillet enchiladas; tiramisu for two (which, doubling the marscapone filling made 4 servings); chicken pot pie; orange tofu with brown rice.

Things I read / am reading: Keywords for Capitalism; The Shaping of Us; You Are the Placebo; and There Is No Wall

Podcasts I listened to: the latest from Nobody Asked Us and Tread Lightly

TV and films I watched: The Morning Show -- perfect treadmill fare that definitely made the miles go by quickly inside; True Detective -- this is borderline too scary for me; and Iron Claw

Places we ate out: Absolute Bagels; Lovely’s Old Fashioned; Little Pie Co; Friedman’s with Bonnie and Dave and the kids; and Third Kingdom

Broadway!: we saw Moulin Rogue with Boy George as Harold Zidler

I wanted to write something about the Eighties and masculinity -- toxic masculinity and patriarchy as seen in Iron Claw, but also the challenges to traditional masculinity as posed by Boy George and other pop stars of the time. But I'm not feeling particularly creative or verbose lately. Like I said, the crash really threw me for a loop. I should also write something about the dinner we had last night at Third Kingdom, a new mushroom-focused restaurant. The meal was great, with really inventive uses of a variety of mushrooms (including several kinds I'd never had before). I'm really fascinated by this turn that vegetarian restaurants are making -- away from the processed shit that, sadly, a lot of vegans and vegetarians consume in the US in lieu of meat. Surely the most creative meals that Kin and I have had since moving here have been at vegetarian establishments. There's more to be said about this, about mushrooms in general, about my strong dislike for meat. But yeah. Not feeling wordy. At all. Really hoping that I can snap out of it today and tackle this week with a little more gusto.

Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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