Yesterday was gorgeous, with temperatures reaching the 60s. It's cooler today, and a stormfront is moving in. "False spring," I've heard several people call it. You think that winter is over, but it's not. The darkness and gloom and cold will continue. Feels apt as there have been moments when I thought my depression was lifting. But it's not. The darkness and the gloom and cold are still here.

I didn't run on Tuesday or Thursday of last week. I did head back out on Saturday, and I made it to Sunday's race too. It was such a relief to be moving again. But it's clear I'm still injured, and I've been dealt a substantial setback in my training, one that I'm not close to being done with yet. It really fucking sucks. I've started thinking about the races I have after April's half marathon, as that race isn't going to be at peak performance. Oh well.

I wrote on Second Breakfast today about ditching my Garmin, ditching all the tracking. As fitness technology and my exploration of it is the whole point of the newsletter, I don't even know what I'm doing.

I'm reading, I guess: *Bowling Alone*; *The Wager*; *Let Your Mind Run* (finished this); and *Ultra-Processed People*. I'm watching TV, never a good sign: *The Morning Show* (finished the latest season); *Death and Other Details* (this gets worse with each episode); *Shogun* (love this); and *Poor Things* (wow, very mixed feelings here).

I'm trying to eat, which is also all weird with the dramatic drop-off in my activity levels. We did have dessert on Saturday at Veniero's Pastry, an Italian bakery founded in 1894. We also at Soothr, a Thai restaurant. And last night, as I wasn't in the mood to cook, we were back at Lovely's Old Fashioned for some cheeseburgers. I could probably live without meat, right up until a burger is the most comforting food imaginable when you're feeling super sad.

Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters


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